On my knees

In May our guest will be Chris Band who will be sharing the story behind his book ‘On my knees’. https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/On-My-Knees-by-Chris-Band-author/9780857217752

Life has a tendency to knock our confidence in prayer. In the face of persistent difficulties, our prayer-fuelled hopes can be overwhelmed by such despair that we end up “on our knees” not so much in prayer, as in defeat. In this honest and engaging book, Chris Band discusses the issues that we may have about prayer but were perhaps afraid to ask: Is prayer wasted effort? Is God less involved in the world than we might wish? Is his will going to be done anyway, whether or not we pray? We discover that our prayers, far from being squandered by God, are powerfully and consistently used by him – both to build his relationship with us and to build his Kingdom through us. On My Knees examines our understanding of who God is and how he works in the world, taking us beyond proof-texts and wishful thinking, to the heart of what the Bible actually teaches about prayer. This encouraging and practical book will inspire and lead each of us afresh, to be on our knees, in prayer.


Next Eat Pray Love in May

Our next Eat Pray Love will be on Sunday 19th May.

Please note – No Eat Pray Love in April

Taking part …..

Taking part at the next Eat Pray Love on Sunday March 17th 6pm will be our two students from Cuddesdon who are on parish placement with us.

Bible Questions we used this week

Questions to consider (any order): 

What stands out to you in this passage?

What do you think the main point of the passage is?

Can you illustrate this truth with an example from your own life?

What do you want to ask God for right now?